Park Leadership

State Charter

In 1995 the Legislature authorized the Washington State Horse Park legislation which states, in part: "Establishing a first-class Horse Park facility in Washington would meet important needs of the state's horse industry, attract investment, enhance recreational opportunities, and bring new exhibitors and tourists to the state from throughout the region and beyond. A unique opportunity exists to form a partnership between state, county, and private interests to create a major horse park facility that will provide public recreational opportunities and statewide economic and employment benefits."

The complete legislation is in the State Charter document; its key provisions for leadership and direction are outlined below.

The Authority

The legislation established the Washington State Horse Park Authority ("the Authority"), with a seven-member volunteer board of directors; in 2013, this was changed to an eleven member volunteer board of directors. The Authority is responsible for developing, promoting, operating, managing and maintaining the Horse Park. The legislation provides the governor appoint board members from across the state experienced in different horse disciplines, activities and professions that compliment the development and operational needs of the Horse Park. Also included are a representative from Washington State Parks Commission and a director who represents the local interests of the community where the Horse Park is located.

The complete legislation is in the State Charter document; its key provisions for leadership and direction are outlined below.

Authority Board Members


Todd Trewin




Kaydee Johnston

Vice President 



Mitch Williams

Treasurer and Kittitas County Representative



Leslie Thurston  


Jason Both - Picture


Jason Both

State Parks and Recreation Commission Representative


Tom Dent

State Representative, Rodeo



Denise Youell

Hunter / Jumper Trainer


Judy Warnick

State Senator

kathy profile pic


Kathy Meyers 

Reining and Trail Rider

Park Management

The Horse Park is currently supported by a small paid staff consisting of a full-time Executive Director, part-time Administrator/Membership Manager, and during the open season a full time Facility Manager and Grounds staff.

We rely heavily on a network of valuable volunteers who provide their talents and services in various ways. The Horse Park will always be reliant on volunteers to help keep costs down and provide their skills when and where needed. Please visit the Volunteer and Employment Opportunities page to see what opportunities are most critical or contact the office if you have an idea of how you can help.



Wendy Hensley

Executive Director

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