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The Washington State Horse Park loves it's supporters! We rely on your kindness and generosity to keep the park a safe, comfortable and fun place for you and your family. With over 100 acres of gently sloping terrain, and only five minutes from Suncadia Resort as well as other amenities in the Cle Elum, Roslyn and Ellensburg areas, you'll be sure to thoroughly enjoy your time here. The Park is for everyone, so come up and ride today and help us grow tomorrow!

The good news is...2013 saw much get done at the Horse Park. 
View some of the year's accomplishments!

The even better news is...there are plenty more opportunities for you to help your Horse Park!  We love providing the great experience that you’ve come to expect, and we’re planning an even better year ahead.  But, we can’t do it without your help....check out our Wish List for 2014

What's Happening at The Park

  • We're Stepping On It!


    At the Horse Park we put footing first and our goal is to raise $15,000 in fifteen days, just in time for the spring thaw!

    It's our mission and obsession to provide your horses the best footing possible to keep them going safe and sound. It’s a fact, arena materials break down with use, wash out and blow away and track off on equipment and in hooves.Starting this season we’ll laser level and add sand to our arenas every year, roll and seal surfaces to limit weather erosion and further customize drags, groom patterns and watering techniques.

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  • We're Jumping on It!

    You responded and we completed the purchase the NWEC jumps, Now we’re moving on to completing the Preliminary cross country course!
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  • Remember...

    ...the Park is closed for the winter and will reopen in April, but we're anything but idle as we catch up and plan ahead!

    For a "State of the Union" report read Todd Trewin's latest President's Letter.  And, here's a brief WSHP 2013 Year End Progress Report in bullet list format and don't forget to read our November e-newsletter.  If you don't yet receive our e-news and would like to be 'in the know' on all things Horse Park, sign up today!

  • Closed for the Winter

    A Huge Thank You to the wonderful team of volunteers who worked on Saturday, November 2nd from 9 to 3 to move equipment, put things away and get everything ready for cold weather. It simply wouldn’t have been possibly without you!!!!

    Meika Decher and 2 students, Faye Doyle, Nancy Garske, Chris Giannini, Hank Greenwald, Polly Kranick, Penny Leggott, Susan Miller, Mark Salser.  Also big thanks to Darwin and Raymond for their staff help with all the tasks



  • Volunteer Highlight - Terry Glaze

    Terry is at almost every event taking photos that he lets the Park use for free for promotional purposes.  On top of that he comes to most work parties, and gladly pitches in wherever needed, all with a smile.  Thank you, Terry!!!

  • WE DID IT!

    Thanks to the hard work, funding and passions of eventing supporters, a beautiful cross country course has been born in the Cascade foothills. 

    Training and Novice riders competed for the first time on this new course last September and the feedback was over-whelmingly positive.  From the footing, to expertly-crafted jumps, to the spectator-friendly woodland setting – it was emotionally gratifying for those who have worked hard to make this dream come true. 

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  • From Wild to Classically Refined! Horse Park Video

    So many fun activities are take place at the Park that we can't photograph them all.  We;d love to have you post your pics here anytime!  Terry of tooTrickPony does capture quite a few events so check out his photos online. He actually did a video of two events that happened at the same time last season. Very different spectrums of the horse world: Wild Mustangs and Dressage horses. Sit back and enjoy. It's not long to watch.






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