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Horse Park Wish List

Thank you for your generous support in the past, and in the future. It takes a lot to keep the Park operating at the level that you've come to expect. We hope you can help to maintain our high standards by contributing to the following needs. If you have a material or service you'd like to donate that you don't see on the list, please let us know, and thanks again!


Cost Estimate

Regrade and replenish sand in arenas $ 22,000
Commercial-grade tents (10x10) & staking $1,200 each
Gravel - lots and lots! $10,000
Continue to expand Cross Country
Raise stall pads done
Purchase PA systems done
Upgrade Competitive Trail area obstacles done
Redo lunge pad footing done
Upgrade back gate area Arena 1 done
Trail Signage $ 1,000
Traffic control (signage/barriers) done
Portable Bleachers done
Build 2 Judges Stands done
Manure removal dump truck/loader done
Smaller tractor $ 20,000
Flatbed Trailer done
Utility Gator $ 7,500
Roller for arena grooming $ 2,000
Pressure Washer done
Mower for tractor $ 500
6 ft forks for tractor done
Portable Cattle Panels/Chutes done
Schooling standards and poles etc done
Automated payment hardware/software $ 2,500
Improve slope road to the XC Competition course done
NWEC XC jumps - BN (1), N (5), T (9), P(9), I(5) done
Finish West XC Course water: mound, approaches $ 6,000
More portable XC jumps - S-I $ 10,000
Finish Preliminary XC course done
Build Intermediate XC course $50,000
Storage sheds done
revised 06.14.2017
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