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Overview and FAQs

RECREATIONAL USERS vs. event attendees


This includes anyone at the Park for any reason other than attending the organized events listed on our calendar. (If you are attending one of those events, please see the Event Attendees information below.)

All our fees are "ala carte". Unlike at some other facilities, the Park’s Day Use fee is in addition to renting an RV space and/or a stall. You will pay for just what you need. Nothing is included with anything else, with the exception of Cross Country Schooling which includes day use of outdoor arenas and trails.

See each product page for fees and other information along with availability, terms, and conditions. Read the Park’s Rules by clicking here

NO RECREATIONAL USE IS ALLOWED DURING MAXIMUM CAPACITY EVENTS. Please check the Park calendar before making your reservation. (If you plan to extend your stay in conjunction with attending a maximum capacity event, please see the Event Attendees section.)

Membership Discounts: Members receive reduced rates for recreational use while also supporting the Park. You may want to purchase a regular or Season Pass membership before completing your purchase; it may save you money! Click here for more information. All Membership Discounts will be applied at checkout with the use of your member coupon code. If you are a Season Pass or Regular Member, your discount will apply for anyone who is part of your membership. Any non-members accompanying members must register at the regular rates.

Anyone entering the Park to handle a horse must sign a liability release online by clicking here or at the Park before unloading. A parent or legal guardian must sign for youth under 18 years of age.


This includes anyone at the Park in connection with an organized event such as a show, camp, or clinic. You can view these organized events on our Park calendar.

Some events use the Park’s online system for registrations, while others do not. Follow guidance from the event organizer about how they want participants to sign up, pay for their visit, and complete liability waivers.

Event fees may vary from the Park’s published recreational rates, and membership discounts DO NOT APPLY during organized events.

If you are booking recreational use in conjunction with a maximum capacity event you are also attending (for instance, if you are planning to arrive several days prior to the official start of the event, and stay through the event) you are able to book through our online store for the recreational portion, but please let us know in the comments section of your order that this is what you are doing, so we can coordinate with the organizer as appropriate.

If you are interested in booking your next event at the Horse Park please contact Director, Leslie Thurston for more information: director@wahorsepark.org

Making Your Reservations

If you are a recreational user, or are attending an event for which the Park is handling at least part of the reservations, please go to our online store to set up an account and book your visit. If you have not yet signed the online waiver, you will also need to do that. Please click here for detailed instructions on how to do this.

If you already have an account, just log in.

If you experience any issues with this process, please email registration@wahorsepark.org and one of us will help you out. (Tip: some of the information our online store asks for is repetitive: turning on your auto-fill will help speed up your registration process.)

If you are attending an event for which the Park is not handling reservations, or is handling only part of the reservations, you will need to coordinate with the event organizer to make sure you are properly registered. If the Park is handling part or all of the reservations, you will need to follow the instructions provided for the specific event on our Event Registration page. (Registration procedures through the Park will vary based on the event, and may be at least partly paper-based, rather than through our online store.)

Please note that different fees may apply for organized events. You may not use your membership discount for event registration, and our regular fees may be different as well. If you are attending one of these organized events, you must register at the applicable event rate.

Please make your entire reservation on one order, to the extent you are able to do so. You will not be able to modify your order once you have made it, and we understand sometimes things change. Multiple orders for the same stay can make things confusing on our end, so if you do make multiple orders, please clarify in the comment box, or email us at registration@wahorsepark.org. (For instance, if you are booking an RV space, but plan to book stalls at a later date, because you don't know how many horses you are bringing yet, or you booked day use for your friend, but they will be making their own camping reservations, please let us know that's what's going on.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to use the Horse Park?
No, though membership might save you money. The Park is open to all, and our regular recreational usage fees are for non-members. Regular members and season passholders get 20% off the recreational rates, and season passholders also get free day use of the park.

Do I need to pay for Day Use?
Yes. Everyone riding in the park must either have a day use pass, or have purchased cross country schooling for that day. If you have a Season Pass, your day use is free, so long as you display your Season Pass clearly on your rearview mirror; if you don't display it, you will need to pay the standard day use fee. Day use may or may not be included in your entry for a particular event; if this is unclear, you will need to check with the event organizer. The only way you do not need some form of day use pass is if you are not riding at the park; if you are riding entirely off site, or if you are just laying over during a road trip, etc. you do not need day use, but please let us know.

Do I have to have a horse to camp at the Park?
Generally, yes, but feel free to ask! Use of Park facilities is primarily reserved for people visiting with horses, but, non-horse riding visitors accompanying people riding at the Park are welcome to stay, and we handle requests from people wishing to camp without a horse on a case-by-case basis. If you are not planning to bring a horse, email registration@wahorsepark.org with your request to see if RV or dry camping space will be available.

What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?
Please email us at registration@wahorsepark.org. We can help you with any changes to your order. If you need to cancel, we will withhold 5% to cover our administrative costs.

I am coming for an event, can I make my own reservations for the regular items in the online store?
Probably not. Some event organizers handle all reservations, some handle part of them, and sometimes the Park handles all reservations. If the organizer is handling them, you must follow the organizer's process. If the Park is handling registration, generally (but not always), we will create a specific event registration item in our online store for that particular event, and it will include your reservation for stalls, etc. We will let you know on our Event Registration page what the process is for a particular event, if we are involved in the reservations.

I am booking in your online store, and it asks for "group name." What name do I use?
Please choose one name that every member of your group will put on their booking. This could be someone's last name, or the name of your stable/club, or a name you made up. We only ask that everyone in your group put the same name here. It makes it hard to correctly group reservations on our end if everyone in your group uses a different group name!

What kind of show facilities do you have?
We have facilities to hold nearly every type of horse event! We do not have a race track, or a polo field, but we have four large outdoor arenas, many trails, cross country courses, and our large covered arena will be completed in 2021.

Does the Park have horses I can ride?
The Park does not have horses available for rental, but there are private outfitters in the area who do. We recommend you check with 3 Peaks Outfitters or Flying Horseshoe Ranch.

How is the Park used in the winter?
Historically, the Park has been closed November through March. Cle Elum is usually covered in snow during those months and the Park only had outdoor arenas. With the completion of the covered arena, our event season will be extended.

Do you allow horse boarding?
Currently, the Horse Park does not allow boarding. During maximum capacity events, we need all available facility space.

I know I am a member, but I forgot my Member Number. Where can I find it?
For 2021, your member number will be the four-digit invoice number from your online purchase of either a regular membership or a season pass. You can find this on either the emailed invoice, or by logging into your online account. If you are a season passholder, your number will also be on the front of your pass. If you purchased your membership using the printed form, you will still be able to find your number in our online store. If you have an account, but just did not use it for your membership purchase, just log in. If you did not have an account at the time you purchased your pass, we created one for you, in order to generate your member number. You can contact us at registration@wahorsepark.org for assistance with logging in.

I purchased a season pass; where is it?
It may take up to three weeks for you to receive your pass. If you have not received it by then, it may be because we are behind in issuing them (for instance, our move this spring into a new office trailer has caused additional delay), but it is also likely that we are missing signed waivers. We will not issue your pass until we have a valid waiver for each person listed. Please contact us at registration@wahorsepark.org if you have questions about your pass.

Can I book a specific camping or RV space?
Our online system will not currently allow you to do this, but if you want a specific RV space, please feel free to list that in the comments section of your order, and we will keep it in mind when assigning RV spaces. As for dry camping, we currently have a dry camping area in the woods, rather than specific dry camping spaces set up, so your tent space is first-come, first-served.

Can I have a camp fire or barbeque?
Only propane fires/BBQs are allowed in the Park, regardless of the actual fire danger or fire restrictions. You may not burn any cinder-producing materials for any purpose, or at any time; no wood, charcoal, etc. Your propane fire pit or barbeque is okay, provided it is on dirt or gravel and at least eight feet from any vegetation. (Please be aware that the fire danger in Cle Elum may be extreme at certain times of year; we urge you to be exceedingly careful in keeping all potential sources of ignition far away from all vegetation.)

I am planning to compete in an event the Park is hosting; why will your online store not allow me to make a reservation?
Usually, we do not allow booking for events through the regular recreational use portion of our online store. If you are trying to book, but are unable to do so, it is likely either because the event is a maximum capacity event and is responsible for all its own facility reservations (so we have blocked all reservations through our store), or because we are taking the facility reservations through the Park, but have another process in place. Please refer to our Event Registration page for details on the specific event. If you still have questions, please feel free to email us at registration@wahorsepark.org

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