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Event Registration

How to Participate In a Show, Camp, or Clinic

Registration for some events is handled either partially or fully by the Park. For other events, registration is handled entirely by the event organizers. Please follow the event organizer's instructions regarding how to register. Although we post the most current information we have, unless the event registration is being handled fully by the Park, there may be steps required to register that are not reflected here.

If the Park is posting event details such as ride times and stabling assignments, they will be posted here. For facility maps, including a stabling chart with stall numbers, please see our Facility page.

Please note that shows, camps and clinics are "organized events" and your membership discount does not apply.

Questions? Feel free to email us at registration@wahorsepark.org

Events with Registration Through the Park

(If you do not have an online store account, you will need to sign the online waiver and create an account prior to registering.)

Registration for these events will usually (but not always) be through a dedicated page in the Events section of our online store, not through the regular recreational use portion of the store. If you don't see an event listed on the Events page, please ask for clarification before registering.

HELP! "I'm trying to register, but my event dates are blacked out! What's wrong?" Remain calm, this is not a sign of the reservations being filled. You are likely either in the recreational use part of our store and need to go to the Events section (click the Menu button, or use the link for the event listed here), or the event is a maximum capacity event for which the organizer is handling all of the registrations. If neither of these options work, we may still be finalizing the registration process for your event; feel free to contact us at registration@wahorsepark.org to double check.

August 20-22, 2021 - Equine Trail Sports
UPDATE 9/3/21. Refunds, reservation date changes, and donations have now been processed for everyone we have heard from. We still need to hear from a few participants; if this includes you, we have emailed you directly. Please note that our card processor sometimes takes considerable time to get money returned to the card; if you do not see your refund post to your account by a week after you receive the notice from our online store saying we have processed it, please let us know at registration@wahorsepark.org.

October 1-3, 2021 - Equine Trail Sports Want more information? Visit the Equine Trail Sports website!
Registration for facility use will be through the recreational part of our online store for this event. Please make sure to do the following:
- list ETS as the name of your group
- put any "stable with" preference in the comment box
- make sure you do NOT pay a day use fee (you may need to check the box saying you aren't riding at the Park or have a season pass in order to get the system to allow you to make a stall reservation without adding day use)
- Please carefully review our updated cancellation policy posted on the reservation page

Events with Registration Through the Organizers

Please see the Park calendar for a complete list of events. If we receive registration information from the organizers of events that do not have registration through the Park, we will provide it here.

We currently have information for:

September 24-26, 2021 Equestrians Institute Adult Camp See the camp flyer.

*Please note the Park is at capacity for these events; no recreational use will be allowed during these dates, and the organizer is handling all of the facilities registration.
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