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On Horsemanship - Craig Cameron Clinic

"Your job is to take the the fear out of the horse. Every Day."

"Ride your horse to the release."

"Position. Position! Position!!"

With a voice that suggests years of overuse and thick with Texas twang, students heard these and other gems of wisdom over the course of three days. The legendary horseman, Craig Cameron, underscored how to communicate with respect, leading participants to improved horse-human partnership.

From the round pen to the arena to the mountain trail, Cameron addressed just about every aspect of foundational horsemanship. "I'm not a clinician. I hate that word. I'm a horseman. I'm here as a student, just like you." With a firm limit on number of participants, each rider received individual attention.

Much of Cameron's philosophy focuses on bettering the rider rather than the horse. "Quit working on the horse. Start working on you." Cameron utilized seemingly simple arena drills that produced profound outcomes. In the course of three days, riders improved in balance, position, timing, confidence, and possibly most important to Cameron, respect. Here's one participant's comments -

Attending the Craig Cameron clinic was incredible experience overall. Craig has an advanced teaching technique. He applies his skills with discipline, sense of humor and a way of explaining things with ease. I loved that he incorporated class participation ...The entire clinic never had a dull moment!

I was challenged every time I rode a pattern and he corrected me (and each individual) with straightforward advice.

The Horse Park hopes to bring Cameron back again in 2018, pending scheduling. Keep an eye on the calendar of events!

Read more about Cameron at craigcameron.com

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